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"Integrity in Every Dose: Exporting Excellence in Pharmaceuticals with Qupha Global."

Emphasizing rigorous adherence to international regulations, Qupha Global delivers pharmaceutical integrity, ensuring every dose from our labs is a synonym for trust and efficacy.

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Choose Qupha Global for our unwavering commitment to quality and safety in pharmaceutical exports. We provide a diverse array of high-standard formulations that meet rigorous international regulations. Our expertise in intellectual property ensures formulation integrity, while our sensitivity to market needs allows for customized exports tailored to local preferences. With Qupha Global, you engage a trusted global healthcare partner adept at navigating the complexities of international pharmaceutical trade with excellence and reliability.

"Beyond Borders, Above Standards: Tailored Therapeutics, Trusted Worldwide "

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Formulation Export 

India has emerged as a global leader in generic drugs exports, surpassing $25 billion in 2023. The Indian pharmaceutical industry ranks 3rd worldwide in medicine production by volume. Additionally, India holds the 14th position in the global pharma market value. With Qupha global’s ambitious goals to export pharma formulations and APIs to 50 countries by 2028, this marks a game-changing milestone for the country's pharmaceutical sector.

Contract Research Organisation

The booming CRO sector in India is set to reach USD 2.5 billion by 2030, surging at a CAGR of 10.75%. With gross margins soaring at 40-50%, the industry holds lucrative potential. Discover with Qupha global how CRO can generate a remarkable 40-50% return on investment.

Branded Generics in Domestic Market

Qupha Global excels in Pharma Formulation Export, delivering diverse, high-quality formulations internationally. We uphold strict regulatory compliance and IP rights management, ensuring product safety, efficacy, and integrity. Attuned to local needs, we customize exports, affirming our role as a reliable healthcare industry partner.

 Import Medical Equipment 

India's medical devices imports surged from ₹44,708 crore to ₹63,200 crore between FY 2021-22 and 2020-21, marking a 41% growth. The sector is valued at $11 billion and is expected to reach $50 billion by 2030. With a consistent CAGR of 15% over the past three years, it offers an attractive prospect for investors. The market includes vital segments like Consumables & Disposables (e.g., needles and syringes) where Qupha global is engaged in expanding its vertical.

Medical Tourism Connections

The medical tourism industry revenue reached $7.4B in 2022; however, it is projected to soar to $43.5B by 2032. The Qupha global aims to collaborate with leading hospitals and doctors in India, with an ambitious goal of association with 100 countries within the next two years.

Export of Surgical items

According to Volza's global export data, the top 3 exporters of surgical items are India, Germany, and the United States. India leads with 50916 shipments; Germany follows with 10293 shipments; and the United States ranks third with 6431 shipments. With India dominating exports by a significant margin, emphasizing its prominent global role in meeting demand, Qupha global is aiming to enter the export market in surgical items.

"Quality Formulations, Global Healing: Qupha Global – Your Trusted Pharma Export Partner."

Qupha Global bridges healthcare gaps with top-tier pharma exports, ensuring communities worldwide access to effective and safe therapeutic treatments.

About Qupha Global

Qupha Global embodies the pinnacle of excellence and integrity in the Pharma Formulation Export industry. As a visionary leader, we export premium pharmaceutical formulations to meet the global demand for quality medications. Our extensive services cover various therapeutic areas, ensuring healthcare professionals and patients worldwide have access to our products. Rigorous adherence to international regulations ensures safety and efficacy. Our knowledgeable team proactively secures Intellectual Property rights, while customizing exports to fit local market needs. Qupha Global's steadfast commitment to quality has established us as a reliable partner in global healthcare, advancing medication accessibility everywhere.

Dr Prratima Groverr


Mr. Shivaraaj

Founder Director & CEO


12 + years of exposure to Entrepreneurship and overall 21+ years of experience.

Companies : Nicholas Piramal, Unichem Labs, ICICI Health vertical

Mrs. Priyadarshana Shivaraaj

Co-Founder and Director

MSc Chemistry

Companies : Cipla, Apotex, Tulips R&D.

Faced USFDA,
Health Canada and WHO Audits

Board of Technical Advisors

Dr Sajjan Madappady

Digital Health Consultant

Dr Nandish Vastrad


Dr Madhura




Dr.Kishan Rao

General Surgeon

Dr.Nischith Gowda


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

What sets Qupha Global apart in the field of pharmaceutical exports?

Qupha Global is distinguished by our commitment to quality and safety. We provide diverse, high-standard formulations that not only adhere to strict international regulatory standards but also meet specific local market needs. With meticulous management of Intellectual Property rights, we ensure both the integrity of our products and the trust of our clients.

How does Qupha Global ensure the safety and efficacy of its exported pharmaceuticals?

 Our exported products undergo stringent compliance checks with international regulatory standards. This guarantees their safety and efficacy. Additionally, our experienced team dedicates itself to maintaining the high quality of our pharmaceuticals that healthcare markets globally can rely on.

Can Qupha Global tailor pharmaceutical exports to cater to specific market demands?

Absolutely. We understand the importance of catering to unique market preferences and demands. Qupha Global takes pride in our ability to customize our exports, ensuring they align with the cultural and therapeutic needs of the local populations we serve.

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